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Para amantes de arte, colecionadores, arquitetos, galerias e

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Inúmeras obras, pinturas tradicionais, pinturas contemporâneas e fotografias, originais e exclusivas.

As impressões e as entregas são feitas por empresas parceiras de extrema qualidade e profissionalismo em FineArt, você sempre contará com um atendimento Premium!

Luciano Neves, a visionary Brazilian artist, has captivated the global art scene. 

His work, a fusion of traditional techniques and avant-garde concepts, transcends mere representation. Neves' artworks span mediums, from oil paintings that play with light and shadow to lifelike, intricately detailed charcoal drawings. 

Each piece invites viewers into a realm of emotion and spirituality, often woven with profound symbolism—his art prompts introspection, forging a deep connection to the human experience. 

This year, Neves was a Finalist in the International ARC Salon Competition hosted by NY Sotheby's.

With his extensive knowledge of traditional and digital art, the History Channel chose him to create paintings depicting scenes from Mountain Men season 12 this year.

Beyond his achievements, Neves is committed to nurturing the next generation of artists, sharing his wisdom and passion. 

Luciano Neves' legacy is one of boundary-pushing creativity and unwavering dedication. His art is a testament to its power to inspire, provoke, and ultimately unify us in our shared human journey.

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